Register with PEC to learn more ways to donate your with presence, time and/or financial resources for specific Projects:

  • Scholarships

PEC hosts and annual fundraiser, dedicating as much as $60,000 annually to College Scholarships. Hosted in May, you are invited to donate directly, or purchase tickets and/or raffle items to support students with dreams of a higher education. The next fundraiser will be held in May, 2024.  Stay tuned.  For information click here.

  • Workforce Development

Working with partner agencies, PEC seeks to establish relationships with employers who provide employment for young adults in the neighborhood.  You can help provide in our meetings with young adults:

  • Hospitality
  • Events/Outings for Reflections

The Back of the Yards has seen many changes during the last 30 years. The positive signs of change include a major community victory to build of a new public high school, the development of new day care center and the development of social services for youth, including a home to serve displaced youth. However with the closing of the stockyards, the shift in immigration policies and a decline in housing stock, significant challenges remain. There is a sense from the generations that have grown up within these changes that community institutions have inadequately responded to the needs of the neighborhood. Within the priorities, the PEC is committed to developing the leadership potential of young adults. But the future depends on the contributions of people who support the PEC initiatives, by providing for financial support, and/or contribute in other ways in many projects with their time and presence. The residents in the Back of the Yards want to hold on to the value of the neighborhood, its history, the beauty of what has been and is, and continue to nurture a sense of meaning. There is bonding in the struggle, and new projects are emerging, along with a vibrant young leadership. PEC strives to develop a way to hold accountable those institutions wanting to participate in this new vision, and develop a “method” to sustain what is good for the neighborhood while allowing new structures to emerge.

Memorial and Honor Giving

A donation to the Peace and Education Coalition is a thoughtful way to honor someone life.

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