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Yesterday, Cristopher Rubio continued the work in raising awareness about diabetes. While one type I diabetes can’t be prevented, type II diabetes can be. And it starts at home and in our communities with the foods that we eat and are teaching our children to eat.


Our society has long promoted the idea that quick and easy meals from fast food restaurants, boxes or the freezer are beneficial, convenient, and healthy for you. In reality, they are full of preservatives and artificial ingredients and other things that shouldn’t be allowed into our bodies. Not only are we lured by the appeal of “quick and easy”, but fast food chains also appeal to both children and adults by including toys and contests that give you the opportunity to win big prizes and cash.


It doesn’t get much better at school or work, where most cafeteria food is fried and mostly carbs. One man trying to actively change how children and adults are educated about food is chef Jamie Oliver through his Food Revolution program. His approach is to make food education a key part of children’s education in schools by interacting with children to teach them about fresh food and vegetables as well as advocating for funding that would allow the lunch staff to provide healthy meals.


If you still think there are any reasons to not buy and cook fresh food, here are some reasons you should:


  • lower grocery bills
  • better health
  • skills that can save your life
  • longer life expectancy
  • higher intelligence


Original article can be found at http://www.beinglatino.us/lifestyle/health/teach-every-child-about-food-video

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